Top 25 Spanish Girl Names in 2016

Name your baby girl Jade or Xiomara, popular Spanish names.

Whether you’re browsing popular baby names because you’re soon to welcome a new member of the family or you just decided to start trying, congratulations! Choosing a name is setting the stage for the rest of your daughter’s life! If you have Hispanic heritage or just want to give your little one a Hispanic name, check out the top 25 Spanish names for girls from 2016:

1. Jade

If you’ve ever seen a beautiful green gemstone it was likely Jade. This name can be used for either gender but is more commonly found in the female population.

2. Lola

Lola means “sorrows,” and is a popular and fun Spanish girl name.

3. Nina

When referring to a little girl in Spanish, people call for “nina.” That’s because it’s the literal translation of the name. Women named Nina can be found all over the U.S. but are more common in the Eastern half of the country.

4. Savanna

This spelling of Savannah has Spanish roots and means “open plain.” Few babies were named Savanna until the mid 1980s, and there were up to 1,500 baby girls with the name around 2000. It has picked up in popularity again in 2016.

5. Fernanda

Do you hope your little one has a life full of adventure? Consider naming her Fernanda – it means “journey ready.” This name peaked around 1,280 babies across the country in 2010 and is growing in popularity today.

baby girl, girl, little girl, newborn girl, Spanish girlYour little one deserves a lovely name like Anahi or Itzel.

6. Anahi

This name is Persian and means “immortal.” Name your baby girl Anahi and call her by her full name or the shortened Ana.

7. Itzel

In 2010 nearly 1,000 babies were named Itzel at the height of the name’s popularity. Today that number has dipped a bit, but it still makes the top 25 list. Itzel means rainbow – that’s one colorful kid!

8. Reyna

Sometimes spelled Reina, this Spanish name means “queen.” You’re setting up your daughter for royalty if you name her Rey​na.

9. Itzayana

Babies born in the United States named Itzayana started showing up in the 1990s. Since then the name has become more popular, with several hundred Itzayanas in 2016. The name means “protected,” which may be why some parents choose it!

10. Perla

This Spanish girl name means “a pearl.” If you love the beautiful sheen of these tiny beauties, you might want to name your precious baby girl after them.

11. Xiomara

Do you want your daughter to be ready for battle? That’s exactly what this gorgeous Spanish name means! Xiomara has been gaining popularity since 2000 and can be found in California, Nevada, Arizona and the Eastern U.S.

12. Belen

Add a couple letters to this name and you’ve got it’s meaning “Bethlehem.” You don’t have to be religious to name your daughter Belen! It’s a beautiful name that can be used for boys or girls.

13. Esperanza

Esperanza means “hope.” This girl name has been around since the early 1900s and remained popular from 1920 through 1980. During the 2000s the name spiked up to 500 or so and today remains in the top 25 Spanish baby names in the U.S.

14. Estrella

If you want your little girl to be a “star,” name her Estrella! This name is the most popular in New Mexico but there are also girls name Estrella throughout the Western United States.

15. Dulce

You’ve probably come across this word on a menu in the form of dulce de leche. Dulce means sweet, and is an adorable name for a baby girl. She may never meet another Dulce in her lifetime and will love her name’s uniqueness!

16. Paloma

Texas, California and Arizona have the highest populations of girls named Paloma, which means “dove.”

17. Aliyana

This Spanish girl name means “beautiful girl.” Only 200 or so girls a year are named Aliyana in the U.S. The beautiful and rare name rolls right off the tongue, and you can call your daughter Ali or Ana.

18. Luz

Luz literally translates to “light” in Spanish. While sometimes used as a boy name, Luz has seen growing popularity as a girl name from the 1960s through it’s peak at almost 600 girls in 2000. Today around 300-400 newborn girls are named Luz.

19. Yesenia

First seen in the U.S. around 1970, Yesenia, meaning “palm tree,” is a beautiful name for your little girl.

20. Graciela

It’s not hard to see how Graciela means “grace.” The name is most popular in Texas and California.

“Cielo means sky – a beautiful name for a baby girl.”

21. Cielo

Does your newborn love looking up at the blue sky? Maybe her name should be Cielo, which means sky!

22. Mireya

The French meaning of Mireya is “admirable,” but in Spanish it means “miracle.”

23. Izzabella

This uncommon spelling of Isabella has many alternate versions but became popular in 2000.

24. Marisol

From 1970 until today, between 600 and 1,200 girls per year were given the stunning name Marisol, which is a combination of “Maria” and “sol” or sun.

25. Maricela

It is likely this name was created by adding “Maria” and “Celia” together. It’s a girl name that is common in Texas and California, and may come with the nicknames Mari, Maria or Cela.

Any of these beautiful Spanish names would make a perfect first or middle name for your newborn daughter.