Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Preschoolers

Master Kitz Kidzaw Water Lilies

There’s a unique challenge to preschool gift giving: finding something that’s educational, inspirational, and fun. Plastic toys with flashing lights delight for a bit, but their staying power is weak and their mind-expansion negligible. Books, while good for a growing brain, can make dull holiday presents if given in excess. So here are some presents so good the kids won’t even know they’re learning something!

Inspiration for Your Mini Artiste

What better way to learn about the great painters of the world than by doing what they did? Master Kitz’ gives your child the chance to recreate  masterpieces like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Monet’s Water Lillies. At Amazon, $29.99; ages four and up.

No Frills Counting

Get back to counting basics with Melissa and Doug’s wooden abacus. This old-school calculator is ideal for kids at any stage of learning. Little ones can push the brightly colored beads from one side to the other, while older kids can work with simple addition and subtraction. At Amazon, $14.99; ages three and up.

An Anatomical Puzzle

Kids can discover what’s really going on inside their bodies as they put together this puzzle based on several of the body’s systems: skeletal, muscular, digestive. Available in boy or girl. At Amazon, $22.99; ages four and up.

Not Your Average Castle

Shure’s ArchiQuest Kings and Castles system helps preschoolers express their inner architect. The set includes 68 laminated wooden blocks designed to look like Medieval castles, fortresses, chapels, and towers. The set is supplemented with a 46-page booklet about Medieval history. At Amazon, $74.97; ages five and up.

DIY Monster

Whether they’re the tough-as-nails type or a scaredy cat, every kid will get a kick out of Melissa and Doug’s Make Your Own Monster set. The kit includes a variety of eyes, ears and of course, antennae for a customized monster experience. At Amazon, $21.99; ages three and up.

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