Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts (They’ll Never Think of)

As much as we moms all love flowers, lotions, and cheese cutters, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to say, “We love you, so we’re setting you free.” Here are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas for the mom who never gets a break, but richly deserves one. Bet your partner thought you wanted to spend the whole day with the family…

Postnatal Pilates Classes

A postnatal fitness series like Zoe Levine’s Strong as a Mother program (if you’re in New York City) is a wonderful gift for a busy mom who can never find the time to work out. Google around for great options in your area. What could be better than a multi-class pass and your partner’s commitment to watch the littles while you’re getting fit? Bonus points if the first class starts on Mother’s Day, after your partner and kids have served you a scrumptious, energizing breakfast in bed.

Babysitting Gift Card

Get the precious gift of time to yourself with a gift card from or your favorite babysitting collective, and use it to do whatever you feel like doing whenever you feel like doing it. It’s a veritable Mother’s Day wild card!

Hobby Classes

Whether you’ve been wanting to learn woodworking, pottery throwing, quilting, or how to make your own perfume, your thoughtful partner can stay home with the kids while you get your creative groove on for a couple of hours a week. You, in turn, can impress the family with a fabulous, hand-carved toddler bed or extremely impractical ceramic infant goblet by the end of your workshop of choice.

Spa Day

Between babywearing, breastfeeding, lifting your babies out of their cribs, and lowering them into their car seats, you’re probably feeling more like Quasimodo than Esmeralda. A hot stone massage and radiance-revving facial will have you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for more heavy lifting in no time. Sanctuary!

Professional Family Photo Session

OK, OK, so, this gift won’t get you any time off from mom duty, but it will give you some beautiful pictures to cherish for a lifetime. Time passes so fast! Take advantage of the gorgeous spring weather and enjoy a Mother’s Day photo session at your local park or botanical garden.

No matter what your family gives you, don’t forget to take a breath and take in the love because Mother’s Day is all about how much your family loves and appreciates you and all of your hard work–and they really do!

What are you pining for this Mother’s Day?