Top 5 Spring Trends For Your Baby Bump

Spring Pregnant lady

Long gone is the era of tent-like maternity smocks that practically scream “I’m pregnant and uncool!” These days being pregnant no longer means being an outcast of fashion. These 5 styles will keep you looking cute and current, baby belly and all.

1. Neon. One or two versatile pieces is all you need here. Neon flats or flip-flops are the perfect comfy shoe for spring and summer. A neon skinny belt can fit above your bump or (my favorite trick) on your wrist as a bracelet. If you’re brave, try a neon top; it might not be in style the next time you’re pregnant, but it will sure make a statement this time around.


2. Maxi dresses and skirts. As comfortable as a muumuu, but a hundred times more stylish, maxi dresses and skirts are both hip and practical. Maternity versions will leave room for your belly without the front hem coming six inches off the ground, but if you don’t care about that (or if you’re wearing really fabulous shoes!), non-maternity versions with an empire waist can work just as well.

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3. Wedges. Speaking of fab shoes, high heels aren’t always the best choice when you’re lugging extra weight. But if you don’t want to give up the extra lift, the wide base of wedges can give you height while still letting you feel steady on your feet.


4. Polka dots. Stripes have given way to dots it seems, and while I wouldn’t recommend a pregnant woman wearing them all over or in big patterns lest she look like a bloated Minnie Mouse, I do think they work well in small swatches. Try a scarf in your hair or a set of patterned flats – bonus points because accessories and shoes can be worn post-pregnancy too.


5. Nail colors. Purchasing a new polish is a cheap and easy way to stay on trend. Schedule a luxurious foot massage and pedicure, or have your steady-handed partner paint your toes for you when you can’t reach them anymore. Top colors for spring include pistachio, tangerine, baby blue and baby pink, glitter polishes, and of course neons like chartreuse, electric yellow and fuchsia.


What trends are you wearing this season?