Top Celebrity Baby Names of 2017

It’s always fun to hear the baby names your favorite celebs have chosen for their new babies. Whether they go classic, trendy, or wacky, knowing their baby’s name makes you feel a little closer to the star, right?

And no doubt celebrities can start name trends. The names on this list of the top celebrity baby names of 2017 are all ready to take off in popularity. Some are old names due for a resurrection, others are fresh and new.

Here are the top celebrity baby names of 2017.

Girls Names

  1. Ensley: It’s not very trendy yet, but we think the name Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans picked for her daughter is primed for future popularity.
  2. Amalia: Amalia has been climbing the charts for the past few years, and now that actress Natalie Portman selected the European name for her baby girl, it has nowhere to go but up.
  3. Teddy: Often a nickname for Dorothea or Theodora, the unisex name can also stand on its own. For example, Nikki Hilton is new mama to Teddy Marilyn.
  4. Birdie: Celebs love this sweet nickname-style name. Busy Phillips chose it back in 2008, and now professional wrestlers Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan have a new baby Birdie in their life.
  5. Rumi: Beyoncé and Jaz-Z named their baby girl, born with her twin brother in June, this Japanese-origin winner.
  6. Rainey: The name of singer Randy Rogers’ new baby girl, Rainey can also be spelled without the ‘e.’ You could also go with Rayni, as rocker Stephen Barker Liles did with his little girl, born in June.
  7. Batel: Pronounced baht-EL, this beautiful Hebrew name meaning ‘daughter of God’ isn’t on any U.S. charts yet, so Jenna Jameson’s new baby girl doesn’t have to worry about having an overused name.
  8. Remy: Billy Joel chose the more masculine spelling of this unisex French name for his baby girl. Both Remy and Remi have shooting up the charts in the last few years.
  9. Mabel: This oldie but goodie continues to experience a resurgence in popularity. Actors Topher Grace and Ashley Hinshaw chose it for their little girl in November.
  10. Domenica: Daphne Oz picked this sophisticated one for her third child, born on December 4th.

Boys Names

  1. Auden: Benedict Cumberbatch went with the soft Auden as the middle name for his baby boy Hal. This English name is just starting to gain popularity, especially among fans of the poet W.H. Auden.
  2. Augustus: It’s been slowly inching upward for years. Will Augustus finally take off now that it’s the name of David Arquette’s baby boy?
  3. Rowan: Musician Mikey Way picked Rowan for his baby girl, but the name, meaning ‘little red-haired one’ is just as popular for a boy.
  4. Axton: Steven Tyler’s daughter Mia chose a perfectly rock ‘n roll name for her son with boyfriend Dan Halen.
  5. Slate: Former MLS player Landon Donovan went with this strong choice for his new baby boy.
  6. Beaumont: Beau is extremely popular, Beaumont, not so much. Maybe that will change now that comedians Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele chose it for their new baby.
  7. Bodhi: An increasingly popular name for boys, actors Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed liked the Sanskrit name meaning ‘enlightenment’ for their daughter.
  8. Hayes: The name of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s new little boy, an English last name, Hayes is only beginning its ascent up the charts.
  9. Revel: Actor Matthew Morrison anointed his baby boy Revel, a word meaning ‘take great pleasure and delight.’ Seems fitting for a beloved baby!
  10. Kenzo: Kevin Hart picked this Japanese name meaning ‘wise’ for his first baby with wife Eniko Parrish.

And that’s a wrap for the top celebrity baby names of 2017! Are you feeling inspired to choose one of these names for your new baby? Head to our name search for more ideas on popular boys names and girls names.