Totally Cool Ways to Display Your Kid’s Artwork

Overhead View of Girl (4-5) Using Pencils and Paint

I have a giant pile of finger-painted papers, construction paper puppets on popsicles sticks and crayon-scribbled original works of art stacked up on top of my desk. I love my kid’s passion for drawing, painting, scribbling and splattering. So much so, that I can’t bear to throw away a single one of her masterpieces.

Instead of letting her art collect dust on my desk, taping it up haphazardly around the house or tossing it into storage, I’ve decided to incorporate it right into my home decor. This doesn’t mean simply tacking her latest pieces on a wall or the fridge. I want something cooler than that. Something that everyone in the house will enjoy looking at.

Here are some totally cool ways to display your child’s artwork (click the headlines to get the how-to’s):

Curtain rod display from Apartment Therapy

Clipboards on a wall from Playground Cottages

Art made into placemats from The Happy Housewife

Artwork collage from Home Workshop – just scan and shrink

Revolving mural with “built-in” frames from SF Gate

Cereal box mosaic bar with clips from Infarrantly Creative

Art Cabinets double as storage from Dynamic Frames

Gallery wall with chalkboard from A Soft Place to Land

Scanned art printed on canvas from Moo Art New Zeland

How do you display your child’s artwork?