Top Trendy Baby Names of 2015

baby under blanket smiling

No matter what year it is, there is always someone (or several people) who takes the world by storm, whether it’s a celebrity or political figure. Inevitably, society latches onto these people, and they become a topic of conversation wherever you go. As a result, characters and people in pop culture become household names. If you are looking to name your child after something or someone prevalent in 2015, check out some of today’s top trendy baby names for inspiration.

Unisex names

As modern society progresses, names are becoming less focused on stark binaries relating to gender. No longer are parents worried about naming their baby girl something that is traditionally known as a boy name, and vice versa. When planning for your baby’s arrival, you might not even have to prepare names that are dependent on the sex of your child. If you like the name Ryan, name your daughter or son Ryan without any reservations. Other popular names that work great for both genders include Carey, Courtney, Jordan, Kelly and Tracy – just to name a few. Feel free to change the spelling to make it more gender-friendly if you so choose. This freedom makes the naming process easier and quicker, and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on a great name because of gender.

‘Harry Potter’ names

Back in the late ’90s, children and adults alike were pining over J.K. Rowling’s best-selling series, Harry Potter.” As a result, baby names began to be modeled after popular characters found in the literature. Although “Harry Potter” remained incredibly popular, this trend began to decrease as time went on. However, now that the demographic that was the driving force behind the book’s popularity is growing up, things are changing. Millennials are starting to settle down, including getting married and having children. When deciding on a name for their new bundle of joy, they are looking into important pillars of their childhoods for inspiration, one of those being the “Harry Potter” books. Therefore Harry, Ron and Hermione are making their way back into the mainstream. If you’re looking for less-obvious names, try something more obscure from the novel such as Minerva, Cedric, Neville or Luna. Or, simply page through one of the seven books to refresh your memory.

Alliterating baby names

Though there are plenty of things that may come to mind when you hear the last name Kardashian, the letter “K” might be one of them. Ever since 2007, this family has dominated E! Network and pop culture with its reality television show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Each Kardashian female (and the two Jenner girls) have names that start with the letter “K,” like Khloe, Kourtney and Kim. Since then, more families have alliterated the first letter of their children’s names.

You can mimic this tactic with a name that starts with the same letter as your last name. For instance, if your surname is Michaels, you could name your baby girl Macey or your baby boy Mason. If you choose to have more children, you can keep up with this trend or stray away from it down the road.

Disney-princess themed names

As years pass, more folk stories are made into animated films. Whether they’re Disney, Pixar or another company, the names or the characters in these films have an effect on audiences that cannot be denied. For instance, when the film came out, the name Alice for a girl was extremely popular, based on the animated adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland. Fast forward a decade later, and it was the name Wendy from “Peter Pan.” No matter what the film is, parents tend to latch onto these princess names, and name their little girls after them. In 2014 and 2015, the names Anna and Elsa were incredibly popular after the great success of “Frozen.”

Naming your little girl or boy after an animated film could be a memorable way to share with them a movie you once treasured yourself. As your kids up, they’ll be able to see the movie themselves and know what (or who) inspired their names. But don’t just limit yourself to main characters. Take some time to read the fables or watch the movies to get inspiration for your expected baby.