True Soap Opera Baby Name Drama

three beautiful young girls watching a saop opera depressed

Actress Heather Tom, known for her roles in soap operas One Life to Live and The Bold and the Beautiful as Katie Logan, gave birth to a little boy earlier this week. She and husband James Achor named their first child together Zane Alexander Achor.

In a twist that one would think could only happen in a soap opera, Tom gave her real life child the same name as one of her character’s babies. Her character, Kelly Cramer, gave birth to a son Zane toward the end of Tom’s run on the show.

It is possible to argue that this could be a coincidence… but the name isn’t Michael or John, but the less popular Zane. Not rare and actually rising in popularity while other Z names have been falling in the charts, Zane was ranked #243 when the One Life to Live writers wrote the character in to the show in 2006 and has now risen to #220.

Soap opera charcters have inspired many baby names, but this might be one of the few times a soap has inspired one of its actors. Inspiration for baby names can strike at any moment it seems, even on set! We hope to find out more on why Tom chose Zane.

In the meantime: What do you think of the name Zane? Can you think of any other examples where a celebrity has named their baby after a character they once played or a similar character?