“Unbaby Me”: Facebook Friend or Foe?

Delete button

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit, I love to post pictures of my kids on Facebook. I mean who doesn’t want to see my kids with frosting all over their faces or see them smiling and giggling. Well, apparently some people don’t.

Now there’s help if your Facebook feed is too babylicious for your friends. They can now choose to “unbaby” their feeds and get rid of your adorable baby pics for good. Once the babies are gone, they are replaced with pics of “awesome stuff” like anything from cats to bacon…yes bacon.

I have to admit I think anyone who has time to “unbaby” their feed clearly has too much time on their hands…and they’re obviously not a momma because there is no way to find time for something like that. If you don’t like what someone has posted, just scroll on by. Why do you have to get rid of someone’s pictures for good? There are plenty of non-baby pics that I could care less about, but I don’t have the option to exchange them for “awesome stuff.” I think this is a case of technology gone mean.

If someone “unbabied” my kids’ pics off their newsfeeds, I would unfriend them.  It’s just not cool. I think my kids pics qualify as “awesome stuff.” I would rather look at their little faces than a piece of bacon!

How would you feel if someone used “unbaby me” on your kid pics?