Under $5: A Personal Trainer Just for Pregnancy

I’ve been reeeaaallly bad about exercising during this pregnancy. It’s probably for the best in my case (I have an irritable uterus that starts contracting if I so much as think about standing up, meaning squats are out of the question), but if I were working out, I’d love to try this app:

Sculpt My Pregnancy

Designed by a team of physical therapists and athletic trainers, the exercises and stretches aim to “increase strength, flexibility, and balance to help keep you healthy and decrease low back and pelvic pain often experienced during pregnancy.” The techniques might also help with constipation, swelling, bloating, mood, and sleep, as well as prepare your body for labor and then bounce back quicker after the baby is born.

Seriously, who doesn’t want that? Does it also do dishes?

The movements are divided into months according to how far along you are (simply enter your due date and the app does the math), and each month has a list of approximately 3 stretches and 15 exercises appropriate for that stage of pregnancy. The app also lets you keep track of your sets and reps as well as input notes about the exercises or about your pregnancy symptoms in general.

The app is $3.99 and is available through iTunes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Anyone out there exercised with an app?