Understanding 2-Year-Old Logic

Angry child

As my baby girl evolves to full blown toddler, the traits that make people run and scream are rearing their ugly heads. People have fear in their eyes when they hear these words together..

Two. Years. Old.

People who aren’t parents (and a few that are) can relate to at least one of the benchmarks that make two years old the most feared of all the ages in childhood

The tantrums

The no’s

The holding of breath

The going limp

The refusal to eat foods previously enjoyed

The throwing of objects

The “I’m right and you’re wrong.”

This last one has become paralleled with tantrums and no’s. It may or may not also include hitting or, heaven forbid, biting.

Of course, these may be the toddler rites of passages. They are learning about themselves and realizing that they want total control. However, their “normal” is our “hell” because it seems as if overnight our sweet cuddling babies turn into super villains. Yes, I said villains. I sugarcoat nothing just as they wouldn’t sugarcoat their feelings.

For example:

Today, we watched a show on TV. The credits rolled and it was over.

My daughter:

Turn on show!

Honey, it’s over.

NO!! Not over! TURN IT BACK ON!

Sorry honey. The show is over. We can watch something else.


This of course is followed by her throwing a toy or her juice. Sometimes that object hits me.

Toddler logic interpretation: The show I was watching was very enjoyable. I’d like it back on please and will not take no for an answer. If you are unaware my tiny world is crumbling and the only way to fix it is by turning the show back on and save us all from disaster. You especially.

Another example:

We had chicken and raw carrots for the kids and I had veggie soup because I was feeling sick. My kids won’t eat cooked carrots so I always serve them raw.

My daughter:

Mom, I no eat carrots

Oh but baby you love carrots

No!! I no like carrots. Whatchu eating?

My soup because I’m sick, honey.

I like soup.

I know.

I have some soup?

Honey, I don’t want you sick.

I sick too (coughing) I need soup, OK?

….puppy dog eyes…

Ok, what do you want? as I pull up a spoonful

oooooo. I have carrot??

Toddler interpretation logic: I hate carrots when it seems like there’s too much food on my plate or I’m bored. Tonight I’m bored so I’m going to refuse my food. However, you aren’t eating what I’m eating and you’re kinda pretty so you need to share, ok? And I’m not taking no for an answer. Besides, your carrots look mighty tasty.

With these examples, you too can figure out the brain of your two year old.

And patience. And luck. Lots and lots of luck.