Valentine’s Day with Baby: 8 Adorable Gift Ideas

baby valentine's day

Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day with baby this year or you’ve had one already, you want to make it special and come up with a cute present for your little sunshine. Luckily, there are all kinds of Valentine gifts especially for babies to choose from. Here are a few ideas to start.

valentine pacifiers1. Valentine’s Day pacifiers. How completely adorable are these Valentine’s Day pacifiers ($17.99, Target)? Now your baby can send some Valentine greetings just by sucking on a binky. Genius.


personalized children's books2. Personalized storybooks. It’s never too early to start reading books to your child, and what better idea for a Valentine gift than a personalized book ($39.99, that actually incorporates the baby into the story? She’ll love it for years to come.


Valentine's bibs

3. Valentine bibs. There are lots of these Valentine’s-themed bibs ($9.99, out there, and they’re all pretty sweet. Most of them are personalized bibs ($9.05, with the baby’s name on them.


Valentine sock monkey4. Valentine sock monkey. How lovable is this Cupid-themed sock monkey ($14.99, He (or is it she?) is sure to win any infant’s heart.



Valentine's onsies5. Valentine onesies. This is another gift idea that’s everywhere. Dressing your baby in one of the many Valentine’s Day onesies available ($13.97, will melt even the hardest of hearts.


Elmo Valentine book6. Valentine-themed books. Every favorite character is the star of his or her own Valentine’s Day book, whether it’s Elmo in My Fuzzy Valentine ($4.99, Toys R Us), Minnie and Mickey Mouse in Minnie’s Valentine ($4.99, Toys R Us) or Clifford in Clifford’s First Valentine’s Day ($6.99, Toys R Us). They’re sure to delight your baby!

footie pajamas7. Ralph Lauren pink footie pajamas. Your baby girl can celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with these classy, chic Ralph Lauren pink striped footie pajamas ($27.50, They look nice and comfie too! Wonder if they come in grown-up sizes …





stuffed animal elephant8. Stuffed animals. You can’t go wrong giving a baby a silky-soft stuffed animal for a love-filled holiday like Valentine’s Day — and something like this adorable plush elephant ($16.99, could be just the ticket. Your little one will fall head over heels for it!


Do you have any cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for baby of your own to share?