Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Valentine's Day is the perfect day for crafting!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to help your kids come up with some personalized, homemade crafts. After all, the day is all about letting people know how much they’re loved. Your child will enjoy the opportunity to make something special for the people in his or her life. Moreover, crafting is great for children. It helps them develop an appreciation for art and design, and improves their coordination and motor skills. Here are a few ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts to get you started:

Heart chains

This craft sits at the intersection of the two most important kid-crafting characteristics: easy to do and incredibly cool looking. To make a heart chain, start with a long, thin strip of paper. Fold the paper accordion style, until you’re holding a spring-like piece with many layers underneath.

You can do this with any shape that reaches the edge of the paper.
You can do this with any shape that reaches the edge of the paper.

Next, draw a heart on the topmost piece of paper. You want to draw it big enough that the left and right edges of the heart actually go off the paper. Then, cut the heart out, cutting through all the layers of the folded paper. Make sure you only cut on your lines, and leave the left and right edges alone. Once you’re done, release the folded paper to reveal your chain of hearts.

Veggie stamps

Believe it or not, your refrigerator might just hold the key to your child’s next great work of art. Veggie stamps are a fun and easy way to add quick designs to any number of things. For example, you could make a sweet Valentine’s tote bag with a green bell pepper. Slice the pepper in half horizontally, and remove the seeds and core. Have your child dip the remaining pepper into fabric paint, and use it to stamp on the tote bag. You’ll be left with picture-perfect little flowers, which your child can embellish with stems, blades of grass and clouds floating past. 

Decorated coffee mugs

If your child is old enough to handle permanent markers, you can make adorably decorated coffee mugs. This is the perfect Valentine’s gift for a caffeine-obsessed parent or family member. Simply give your child a plain white mug and permanent markers, and let him or her doodle away! Make sure the marker stays outside of the mug, however: Permanent markers are toxic, after all, and have no place mixing in with someone’s tea. 

“Create an everlasting bouquet!”

Cupcake liner flowers

If you have pipe cleaners and cupcake liners, you have a flower in the making. This is a super simple craft that will only need a little bit of parental help, if any at all. Start by using the pipe cleaner to poke a hole in one of the cupcake liners. This liner is going to be the center of your flower. Take the end of your pipe cleaner that’s on the inside of the liner, and fold about 1/4 an inch in on itself. Then, slide the liner all the way up so it’s stopped on the folded pipe cleaner.

At this point, all you have to do is add layers! You’ll need around five liners to get that fluffy flower look. Make a whole bunch to create an everlasting bouquet!