Valentine’s Day Photo Cards for Classmates

photo gifts for classmates Valentines Day

Tips for DIY Valentine’s Day photo cards from parent photography coach

Every year at the preschool my older son used to attend and my younger son now attends, they do a Valentine’s Day card swap.  The kids make their own Valentine’s Day mailbox out of a Kleenex box and they love it!
The Valentine’s Day cards don’t have to be handmade, but they usually are.  And they don’t have to be photo cards, but we enjoy creating them together.

Photo cards are a great way to get kids involved in Valentine’s Day, to give them a project they can be proud of, and to create something special that their friends will treasure.

I try to come up with a simple concept that the kids can easily help with and the making of the cards is a great photo op!

Here are three simple ideas you can try involving photos:

1) Get a photo card printed that your child can then decorate

Use stickers, washi tape, markers or stamps to decorate and personalize DIY Valentine’s Day photo cards. Moo’s square business cards or mini cards are perfect for this.

moo card photo valentines DIY classroom valentine photo projects

Or, check out the Valentine’s Day photo cards from Minted.

minted valentine photo cards alethea cheng fitzpatrick parent photography coach holiday photo tips

2) Get photo stickers and use them to decorate cards

Minted has a great collection of photo stickers specifically for Valentine’s Day. (These would be great for decorating birthday party goodie bags too.) Also check out the Moo StickerBooks.

DIY valentine cards for class minted

3) Use wallet size prints

Mpix has wallet size prints that you can stick onto cards with Washi tape and decorate.

Young kids love to see photos of themselves and are really proud to make cards that they are featured in to give to their friends. Give it a try this year for Valentine’s Day!

Too late to order products? You can still print photos to a color printer, cut them out and use them to decorate cards.

For tips on how to take the kids of photos perfect for printing and sharing, check out my video: 5 tips for photosanity.