Ways to Earn Cash Back for College

Now that both of my children are in school I’ve realized I need to start saving for their college educations. My oldest will be graduating high school in 10 years. While it seems far away, it takes time to save money. Even state college costs almost $20,000 per year—imagine how much more it will be a decade from now!

During my search to find a plan that won’t take too much work I came across Upromise. Signing up for an account is free so I decided to see what it was about, even though I assumed it wasn’t going to amount to much. After using Upromise, I realized I underestimated how much I can save for my kids, with almost no effort.

The basics are so easy. After signing up for an account I registered my credit and debit cards. All I’ve done is everything I do anyway—except now I’m getting between 3 and 10% of my purchases at over 10,000 partnered restaurants and stores back from Upromise for my children. I also get special eCoupons for things like Musselman applesauce and Cheerios—things I buy anyway—by linking my supermarket loyalty cards. Amazing.
Time is always an issue as a mom and online shopping is how I make most of my purchases.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vEG6ebfUQk[/embedyt]

If I access my favorite online shopping sites like amazon.com or kohls.com (just 2 of over 850 partner sites) through the Upromise site I instantly get between 3% and 5% back. If you’re like me and your memory isn’t what it used to be, load the RewardU toolbar onto your computer. It will alert you if the site you’re on has available cashback opportunities. You can also earn an additional $20 per year just by using the toolbar for your regular online searches. Free money? Yes please!

We’re planning a family vacation next summer. Thankfully Upromise is also partnered with most online travel sites and rental car companies. Vacations aren’t cheap and we’ll get up to 10% back. I’m looking forward to a big bump in my children’s savings account. I signed up with Upromise and they’re doing all of the work for me—it really doesn’t get any easier.