What Am I Missing Today

Businesswoman on the move on a train

Cruising down the highway, radio blasting. Sitting on the train, earphones drowning out the screech of metal on metal. Taking a brisk walk to your workplace. You’re feeling great: Leaving the house can mean gaining freedom from parenthood.

But sometime in the course of the day, the shine of being “free” tarnishes as you realize that you are missing some of the little things that have taken hold of your heart: the toothless smiles, the gurgles and coos, the tiny grabbing everything before tasting it, the repertoire of facial expressions that flit across her face as she sleeps, the things you never realized were so precious before you held her in your arms.

This new person has captured your heart so completely that sometimes your workday can feel like an eternity. The last time you experienced such a loss was when you fell in love with your partner, and you couldn’t wait until you saw each other again.

But of course, this love is different. This love is interwoven with discovery, as you want to see every change that takes place in the daily development of your miracle – the little things, and the big ones that will only happen once: His first smile, her first step.… What if you miss these?

Missing less, being in the moment more

You can’t be with your child all the time. However, you can miss less by asking your partner to take some time during each day to record life at home with a still or video camera, so you can experience the magic when you return.

And you can miss your baby less by truly enjoying the time you can be with her, rather than feeling sad about the time you can’t. This will keep your mood positive and help you stay in the moment, fully engaged in the work that helps you to support your family and further your career. Posting all sorts of “artwork” on your door and bringing your baby to work, when possible, will help you integrate what you do there with your new family role.