What Do You Look For in a Daycare?

When its time to go back to work, the stress of leaving your child is hard enough. How do you determine which facility is best for you and your child?

When it was my time  to go back, here are some of the things I looked for:

  • Experience  Being an ex-teacher, I looked for longevity first. How long has the place been open? How long have the teachers been there? What is their background? What is the turnover of educators? Has the school been reviewed and if so, what are the reviews saying?
  • Ratio  What’s the child to teacher ratio? For infants, most states have a 6 to 1 ratio. Of course, smaller is better but it varies with school. It’s rare to find a great place with one-on-one time if their reputation is high. Ask questions about when the highest ratios occur. And make sure they have an open-door policy.
  • Location This was a lesser issue for me. For a good school, I would travel. But you might not have that luxury. Tuition fees can be overshadowed by the cost of gas and inconvenience.
  • Price Of course it matters. What do you get for the price? You want a school you’ll love, trust to drop your kid off at, and not feel worried all day even after months of them being there.

Bottom line: I knew that if I didn’t feel 100% sure about the school, I wouldn’t  enroll. This is my child and I needed to  feel very comfortable with the place I chose.

What are your thoughts about the place you want your child to go to? What advice would you give new parents looking for a day-care?