What Do You Plan to Do With Your Placenta?

January Jones

Man Men star January Jones is in the news again not just because the show’s fifth season premiered this week. The TV star is making headlines because she’s been raving about the benefits of new moms eating their own placentas.


Jones, who gave birth to son Xander Dane Jones last September, told People magazine she has taken capsules containing her own dehydrated placenta every day since the birth and also when she needs a mood-lifter. “It’s not witch-crafty or anything! I suggest it to all moms!” she said, pointing out that humans are the only mammals who don’t eat their placentas as a matter of course.

The placenta – an organ that develops inside the uterus to support the baby’s development during pregnancy –  is reputed to have many health benefits post-birth because it contains high levels of Prostaglandin and some Oxytocin, as well as iron and B-12 (though scientists say it offers no benefits to well nourished humans). It can be prepared in a variety of ways in addition to the dehydrated capsules January Jones is taking. I’ve heard of placenta smoothies and fried placenta dishes (there are placenta recipe sites, people).

Me? I’m a fan of the tradition of the delivery doc taking the placenta away with the rest of the birth goo, never to be seen again.

How about you? Any plans for your placenta?

Image: Jordan Strauss/WireImage