What I’ve Learned for My Pregnancy from Kate’s

A friend announced the royal baby’s pending arrival on Facebook today, garnering the popular reply: “And so are thousands of other women! :).” My step-mother, who happens to be vacationing in London with my dad right now, sent a very excited text this morning announcing the news. And though I’m a little eye-rolly about the whole thing—celebrity birth, blah, blah, boring—I’m feeling a tinge of the excitement that’s infectiously spreading around the world.

I have no desire to have the pressure of a single person in the hospital waiting room come my due date in October (don’t tell the tabloids!), so I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a whole planet waiting with virtual cigars.  That aside, I feel inspired by Kate’s pregnancy. Here’s how:

1)      No Twit Pics

It kind of goes without saying that Kate wasn’t going to be posting pics of her swollen feet, but nonetheless, it’s appreciated. I can be a sucker for a well-documented and social media’d life, but I do appreciate restraint when I see it. So far I’ve only posted one belly pic on Facebook, which turned out to be a nice way to share my pregnancy with those in the “outer circle” of my life—people I love but am not all that in touch with, and in turn receive lovely blessings for bebe. But Kate keeps me on track when I’m tempted to post the belly bikini shot. I’ll just share that with a couple of friends. Maybe.

2)      Taking Time Off

Studies show that taking time to relax before giving birth—even a few days, but preferably more—can result in better births for moms and babies. No wonder—everyone is more relaxed and I imagine not fighting the urge to shuffle around the registry or nursery to stay focused on work is a luxury. Hard to predict, but her break helps validate my desire to cushion a little pre-birth chill time in there.

 3)      Dressing Well

Of course, Kate is classy to the last. With sheath dresses tailored to accommodate a belly and sleek coats, she’s a model of demurity (?). My take-away is to wear only clothing that actually fits. Even a dress with a steep belly overhand makes me feel more puffy than pregs. I’m liking shorts or leggings with snug maternity shirts with side-ruching. This is part vanity, part making sure I get a seat on the subway.

Thanks, Kate! And good luck today! But no pressure!