What My Grandparents Taught Me

When I see my folks or my husband’s mom with our kids, I see the impressions they make in their minds. Sometimes it’s exactly what we would teach them and sometimes not. Luckily, our relationship with the grandparents is so good that we don’t have issues often.

It makes me think about my grandparents a lot though. How they were with me. What they taught me. If they ever had a conversation with my parents like I’ve had with my folks or MIL since the birth of my children. There are a few things I’m really grateful for. Things I think about when the g’parents are around…

I was blessed with awesome grandparents. The bad part is that they all passed away while I was young. The last one when I was in my young twenties. But I’ll never forget…

10 Things My Grandparents Did Right

  1. They reminded me that I wasn’t the only one in the world. So get over myself.
  2. They told me that I was lucky and that I should always be grateful for what I have.
  3. They didn’t sugar coat.
  4. That there will always be cookies. And homemade bread & butter pickles.
  5. The rules were plenty but the love was limitless.
  6. That the phrase “Stop that laughing!” would be the funniest thing I ever heard.
  7. That practical jokes, like yellow string in an empty mustard bottle, are hilarious.
  8. Teach me poker, gin rummy, and go fish.
  9. That growing your own garden is a joy.
  10. That anyone, even the youngest in the family, can play pool.

And the most important thing they taught me? That I was loved so very, very much. Something that my folks and my mother in law give my children in abundance.

What did your grandparents teach you?