What To Do If You Get a Positive Pregnancy Test

positive pregnancy test

You just took a pregnancy test and saw that plus sign or magical line appear…PREGNANT! A positive pregnancy test! Now what?


First of all…


Let Out Those Emotions

Maybe you have been trying to get pregnant for some time, and you are super excited for this moment! Or maybe this moment has come as a complete shock to you, and you aren’t sure what you are going to do. Well, don’t be afraid to let those emotions out! Scream, shout, cry, smile, whatever it is you need to do…do it!


Tell Your Partner

If you are like me, your husband was hovering over the pregnancy test waiting to see the results right away. But some may want to do your test more privately, and surprise your partner with the news later. A romantic dinner or a gimmicky “World’s Best Dad” t-shirt could be a sweet and fun way to break the big news.


Schedule Your First Doctor or Midwife Appointment

Are you really pregnant? Even though that line showed up on my test, it was still hard to believe it to be true until I went to visit my midwife! It depends on your office how early they may want you to come in. Some offices wait a bit, but you can ask them many questions over the phone in terms of medications you are currently taking, worrisome symptoms, diet questions, etc. Trust me, pregnant women are calling the office daily, and there is not one question they haven’t yet heard!


Use Our Due Date Calculator to Figure Out Your Due Date

Figuring out your due date can seem a little confusing if you’ve never been pregnant before. With our due date calculator, just enter the first day of your last monthly period, and it will automatically calculate 40 weeks for you to determine your due date. Remember this is only an estimate!


Learn About Pregnancy

Sign up for week to week pregnancy updates, read a book on what to expect during your pregnancy, sign up for a birth class, and read up on food to avoid while you are pregnant, etc.


Take Care of Yourself

Eat healthy food, get lots of sleep (trust me, you will NEED it especially during that first trimester), take your prenatal vitamins, and take part in appropriate exercise.


Assess the Future

Think about what having a baby will mean for your future in terms of schooling (when should you sign up for those classes you had been meaning to take?), your job (Does your company provide paid maternity leave? Is it possible to work from home some days upon your return?), and your housing (Is your apartment large enough for a baby…and all of the baby gear? Or do you need to think about making a move?) It’s best to think about these types of things early, so you aren’t trying to figure everything out in the third trimester when it’s tougher to move around and you are anxiously awaiting baby’s arrival.


Share Your Big News

Telling friends and family is always a fun event! Call them up, or figure out a clever way to drop the big news. When you tell them is entirely up to you. Some like to tell right away, and others like to wait a bit longer. There is no right answer. Just share when you feel most comfortable.


Most importantly, enjoy the moment!


Cheers! (with sparkling cider, of course 😉 )