What to Expect: The Movie

The movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting hits theaters this Friday, May 18, and yes, it’s named after the popular pregnancy guide (“conceived from the best-selling book,” the ads pun), but it’s not aboutthe pregnancy guide itself, thank goodness, because how would that even work?

The film follows five couples about to become parents, and although all of them are impossibly Hollywood-pretty, I’m hoping there are enough different storylines (Jennifer Lopez’s character is adopting, for instance) that it will be at least somewhat realistic and not just another one-note comedy containing every pregnancy joke we’ve already heard.

Check out the trailer:

I wasn’t going to see this at all (I think that in many cases pregnant women are the LAST people who should watch movies about pregnancy – too much to worry about!), but then some friends went to a special preview screening and said it was actually really funny.

Still, I think I’ll wait until this one comes out on video, at which point I’ll be safely on the other side of childbirthing and can laugh about the characters’ madcap misadventures without clutching my belly in fear of that stuff happening to ME.

Are you planning to see the movie?