What’s His Father’s Day Style? (Quiz)

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Is your man prone to giant celebrations? Or more of a fan of a relaxed day at home? Check out his style so you and the kids can best celebrate your guy! Take our quiz to find out his dad’s day style and get help with planning his ideal day!

What’s His Father’s Day Style?
By Katie Quirk Dunyon
Which celebrity dad is your guy most like?


Brad Pitt

Murray Goldberg from TV’s “The Goldbergs”

Vince Vaughn

In his free time, your man likes to:

Get a mani/pedi

Play with the baby

Watch TV

Hang out with his friends

You’d describe his dad style as:





When it comes to receiving gifts, your guy:

Expects and desires big, expensive gifts

Likes them heartfelt and homemade

Thinks they’re usually a waste of money

Is into classic guy gifts like ties and gadgets

How much money would he expect you to spend on Father’s Day?

The sky’s the limit

Not much, since he’s really just about spending time with the family

Very little—he’s said more than once that he thinks it’s a Hallmark holiday

A reasonable amount

What did your guy do for you on Mother’s Day?

Booked me a spa day, took the whole family to brunch at a chi-chi restaurant, and gifted me a seriously expensive present

Helped the kids make cards and pick a bouquet, then posed us all for a family photo

Nothing much—got me a card

Took me to brunch and gave me some flowers

Your man wishes he could:

Spend more time on himself

Hang out with the kids more

Spend more time napping

Be with his friends more often

He drives a:

Shiny SUV with all the upgrades


Non-descript four-door

Pick-up truck

When you first told him you were pregnant, your man:

Went out and bought his baby some designer outfits


Smiled and gave you a hug

Said “I knew my guys were good swimmers!”

He’s a Blow-It-Out Dad

Your guy has a “go big or go home” mindset when it comes to holidays, particularly the ones that celebrate him. On Father’s Day, he wants to be adored, admired, and appreciated, especially if this is his first dad’s day. For this one, you should have started planning months ago. After letting him sleep in, it’s a gourmet breakfast in bed and a showering of expensive gifts from the kiddos (read: you, mama). Then it’s on to some amazing and special over-the-top activity, like a hot air balloon ride or tickets to the hottest game in town. Make sure he has time to fit in that massage you scheduled. Finish off the day with dinner at his favorite restaurant, all the while showering him with compliments about his awesome dad skills. After all, that’s what this celebration is all about: a proud, indulgent papa!

He’s a Spend-It-With-the Family Dad

Your guy is a family man through and through. He loves being a dad and enjoys hanging out with his little ones, diaper changes and all. On Father’s Day, he wants to spend time with the people who give reason to the holiday: his own dad and his kids. Plan a day full of plenty of fun, relaxed activities perfect for this bunch: think a picnic in the park, a baseball game, a low-key brunch, or a trip to a local auto show. Gifts might include a photo book filled with pictures of him and the baby, a “World’s Greatest Dad” coffee mug, or a calendar featuring pictures of the kids every month. Shower him with love today, your guy deserves dad accolades!

He’s a Keep-It-Low-Key Dad

In your guy’s opinion, Father’s Day is (like most holidays) overdone and overrated. He doesn’t need a big fuss or a lot of money spent on him to know that he’s a beloved father. But don’t not acknowledge the day. Even the man who says “no presents” and insists he doesn’t want to do anything special deserves to be celebrated on dad’s day. A homemade card from the kids, a small gift of something he’s really wanted, his favorite dinner, and some time to grab a nap: all of these gestures will be appreciated, if in an understated way.

He’s a Time-Alone-to-Relax Dad

Your guy doesn’t want much for Father’s Day. He’s not one to make a bit fuss and he’s a pretty traditional dad who sees the kids a lot. More than anything, he’s welcome some time off his fathering duties to go golfing with his buddies, work on his truck, or play some video games uninterrupted. In his mind, the holiday should be his chance to relax and kick back. Of course he’d love a card and gift from the baby. But after breakfast, he’d like to kiss you and the kids goodbye and head off for some alone time.

What’s His Father’s Day Style?
By Katie Quirk Dunyon
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