What’s Your Maternity Wear Style?

When it comes to maternity clothes, there are two basic schools of thought: One side says wear your normal clothes as long as possible and only buy maternity stuff when you need it, while the other side says if you’re going to buy maternity clothes at all, you’ll get better value if you wear them early and often.

I’m on the second team, partly because I live for good value, and partly because I NEED to start wearing maternity clothes by about 8 weeks, so there’s no use pretending I can get away with pre-preg items for very long.

(Also, I have some really cute maternity clothes, so I like to wear the heck out of them while I can get away with it – especially since I know I’ll outgrow a bunch of them in the third trimester.)

(Also also, I don’t want to stretch out all my normal clothes trying to fit them over a giant belly.)

(And also also also, pants with a stretchy waist are a gift to all humankind. I call them my Buffet Pants.)

How about you?