What’s Your Name, Baby?

It’s out, and it’s irresistible: I’m talking about the top baby names of 2013 list, of course.

I’ve always thought it was a fun thing to peruse, and for those of us with one on the way, the list is absolutely required reading. My hubby and I were happy to not find our current front-runner on the chart, since we don’t want to go with a name that’s overly popular.

But that’s all I can tell you about that, because we’re not revealing our chosen name to ANYONE as of now. Not to family, not to friends, not to distant-just-Facebook-acquaintances.

Baby-namers seem to come in two kinds: the ones who share pre-birth and the ones who wait. I have no research to back it up, but given the openness with which most people share personal info these days, I think the pre-birth name sharers are the majority. Which leads to the question: Why not share? Everyone asks, it’s a great conversation piece, and it’s not something will be kept under wraps for much longer anyway… so what’s my resistance to revealing the name?

I’ve come close a few times, but at the last minute I’ve always held back. For me it’s one great unknown, one surprise we can share when our baby girl arrives. Keeping the name to ourselves also prevents any judgments, whether subtle or blatant, that friends and family members might pass about the moniker we’ve so carefully considered for our precious little one. And finally, we’re not necessarily 100 percent certain that this is THE name. We need to meet baby girl and then commit to it (or not). What do all those pre-birth name sharers do if baby boy just doesn’t look like an Aiden upon arrival?

What is kind of weird about us is our insistence of keeping the middle name a secret as well, even though we’re absolutely committed to it. It’s a lovely tribute to my recently deceased sister-in-law, and it’s actually been repeatedly suggested as a first name by family members, including my mother-in-law. To these comments we kind of shrug and respond vaguely,”It’s a beautiful name.” Why not just share that it will be our baby girl’s middle name, and we made that decision long before anyone mentioned it? Good question. I think the answer is the same reason we couldn’t pick a name that had climbed onto that top 100 baby names list. The name needs to be fully ours, until we release it to the world to be discussed, analyzed, loved, despised, and ultimately etched into history, both the family tree and the complete baby names list of 2014.

What about you? Are you a pre-baby name sharer, or are you keeping your chosen name to yourself until baby arrives?