When My Husband Looks at Our Daughter

This weekend, my family and I were playing inside. During our back and forth word play, my daughter, who is learning words at a rapid rate, turned to me and said, “Ove you, mama.” It was completely spontaneous and adorable. My husband looked over and got this smile on his face. It was the smile he shows when he thinks, “I can’t believe I have this beautiful girl.” It’s then that I think, “I’m so glad I was able to give him a daughter.”

There is a lengthy story behind our seperate thoughts. His involves an ex-girlfriend and being a “father” to her little girl. Mine involves not expecting to get pregnant again and finding out that we’d have a girl. His story ended in heartbreak, my story continues with us being extermely blessed. Our story together may not be an unusual one but it is special beyond our dreams.

When I met my husband, it was lust at first sight. Then it was crazy, fast love. Then it was moving in, engagement, marriage and our son in a whirlwind. It seemed so fast.

The one thing I wanted to give him was a girl. When we got pregnant the first time, we agreed that we weren’t going to find out. Secretly, I hoped it was the girl he wanted because when he said goodbye to the ex’s little girl, it killed him inside. He was just meant to be a father. I knew he would be an amazing dad.

Now, I see him look at her playing or when she sleeps. Every once in a while, he embraces me and kisses me and says thank you very softly.

I know exactly what he means.