Quiet Toddler? That’s Trouble!

Here’s something experienced moms know: when toddlers are too quiet, they’re usually into something messy. Like this little girl from Brazil. Her mama found her dipping into a tub of margarine and smearing it all over herself and the floor. Eek! We cannot even imagine how much tub time it took to remove the greasy layers from her hair and skin. But man is she having a good time!

When Toddlers Are Too Quiet…

Let a toddler play alone for awhile and you might soon be realizing it’s a little too quiet. From there it’s just a matter of time until you discover your kiddo is using a Sharpie on the walls, unrolling the toilet paper, or (the worst) fingerpainting with the contents of the diaper pail! So focused on the fascinating and destructive task at hand, your toddler is sure to be as quiet as a mouse. Maybe your little knows the behavior is not appropriate. But what child whose age is still measured in months can resist an unattended makeup bag or the cat’s litter box? There’s not one in the world who would skip the opportunity to dig in and get messy or wreak havoc!

Learn From It or Else, LOL!

The trick, mamas, is to take this a-quiet-toddler-is-a-destructive-toddler lesson to heart, and never let another too-quiet moment occur. To not get so sucked into scrolling through Instagram that you ignore the warning signs. To stop trying to get anything productive accomplished while in the presence of a toddler. To not be so happy to have a moment of peace that you allow your toddler to do something that will make that moment very, very expensive. ‘Cause in those tiny fingers, arms, and legs lies power that, at its worst, resembles a rock star in a hotel room. Let this video be a warning to you (we’re only kind of kidding, haha!). Perhaps it’s time to revisit childproofing!