When Traveling By Plane, Don’t Forget to Bring Goody Bags

Mother carries her infant baby during flight.Concept photo of air travel with baby.

Parents of new twin boys didn’t want to make enemies on their flight. Instead of crossing their fingers and hoping for the best, they made goody bags filled with candy for each flight passenger. Inside each bag was a note declaring that they were speaking for their 14-week-old boys. It stated that it was the boys’ first flight…

Photo Courtesy of Reddit User Gigantomachy

…and that if the other passengers were bothered by their crying and needed ear plugs to “come by and get a pair.”

It was a very sweet gesture-pun intended-by these new parents who have probably heard their share of horror stories from other traveling parents. The passengers had mixed feelings about being given sweets in bags. One user thought it was quite a kind gesture, one that required a lot of time and money on the parents part. Others thought that it was unnecessary, saying, “This is considerate, but aren’t we all adults who can understand that babies are prone to bouts of crying?”

As a parent who has felt the anixety of dealing with both baby AND possible issues from other passengers, I think this was freaking SMART!! Would I do it myself? I’d seriously consider it. It would depend on the flight time and if my child was under the weather or other things that could make them cranky besides the cabin pressure.