When Will You Go on Maternity Leave?

Pregnant businesswoman

I’m almost 2 weeks away from my due date, but my maternity leave officially starts in just 7 days (and not a moment too soon!). I know a lot of women work right up until the births of their babies, and although I probably could too (I have a work-at-home desk job), I’m really looking forward to having the time off to just focus on preparing for the new addition, especially since I still have so much to do before he arrives. (We only finally set up the crib last weekend!)

Members of the Mom365 community are discussing this issue in the forums, and it seems like most moms based their maternity leave on the type of job they had and whether the demands of that position meant they could/should be working, rather than taking the time off just because it was more convenient/comfortable that way. My job is easy enough to do while physically pregnant, but I’m really grateful I’ll get this chance at a short mental break between a busy days full of projects and deadlines and mental demands before I dive headfirst into the strange world of Newbornland again. Going on maternity leave 10 days before my due date definitely makes the best sense for me, and I’m very thankful to my employer (and my state’s mat leave policy) for the option.

How about you? Will you use up some of your maternity leave before the baby’s born, or will you stay at work until the last possible moment? (I had one coworker who finished her 9-5 day at the office and then had her baby later that night!)