When You Think About Getting a Pet…

if you give a mouse a cookie book

When you think about getting a pet..

you seemingly forget that your two children are huge mess makers.

While cleaning up the endless amount of messes…

you daydream of sitting in a hammock stroking a soft fluffy cat.

While you think of possible cat owning..

a bottle of juice is spilled all over the entire kitchen floor.

While mopping up the floor…

you think that the kids would enjoy having a cute fluffy hamster.

While imagining a cage for said hamster…

you watch your glass candy dish fall to the ground.

During your clean up of glass and candy…

you debate that a goldfish maybe the best route to take.

While cleaning the filthy toilet that most likely will become your goldfish’s grave..

you hear your stomach growling for lunch.

And when you go in the kitchen and see the cereal spilled all over the place..

you wish right then and there that you had a freaking dog to eat up all this mess.

I have nothing but respect for Laura Numeroff. We just read her book and the pet post just came to me.

Go buy the book so she doesn’t hate me or anything.