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A modern day guide to announcing your pregnancy: Part II

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How, when, and where to announce your exciting news

You’ve spent a small fortune on pregnancy testing kits, you’ve seen the doctor and it’s official – you’re pregnant! But before you start Googling “cute baby clothes,” there are a few things you need to consider. Deciding when to announce your pregnancy
can be a little stressful and confusing. You’re probably asking yourself:

• Who do I tell first?
• Who might get offended if they’re the last to know?
• Where is the best place to share the news?
• What’s the best way of announcing my pregnancy?

That’s why the team at Tinybeans have compiled this essential guide to pregnancy announcement etiquette. We want to make your lives a little easier at
this nerve wracking and exciting time.

Who to tell first about your pregnancy

Sharing the news of your pregnancy is a lot of fun, but carefully deciding who you should tell first, can save you a lot of upset in the long run.
•  Do I call my best friend or mom and spill the beans?
• Should my partner be the first to know – if he or she hasn’t guessed already?
• Is it easier to announce my pregnancy news via social media and tell
everyone in one fell swoop?

The partner-first approach

Often women choose their partner as the first person to tell, as they were (most likely) involved in the conception and will be there for the entire pregnancy experience. Of course, your partner may have guessed already, based on your pregnancy symptoms. But others choose a best or close friend, who’ll be there to offer the emotional support they need – making this choice will depend on your personal situation.

The grandparents

Your pregnancy will be big news for your parents – especially if it’s your first child, or their first grandchild. A quick phone call is fine of course, but perhaps, if you want to make it special, Tinybeans can help! Regardless of how you tell them, parents are potentially the most likely to be offended about being the last to know, or finding out via a social media update. So we recommend you carefully factor your parents and close relatives into your pregnancy announcement timeline.

Your friends

Once you’ve told the people closest to you about your pregnancy, it’s fine to get out there and start shouting it from the hilltops. There are lots of cute and creative ways to share your pregnancy news, both face-to-face, and via social media.

Watch this space for more ideas, coming soon!

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