Who Will Be in Your Delivery Room?

When I was preparing for the birth of my first son, I was adamant that I didn’t want or need anyone in the delivery room who wasn’t absolutely necessary. No mother or mother-in-law, no sisters or friends, no midwife or doula – just me, my husband, my doctor, and however many nurses it took to make sure both the baby and I were taken care of.

By the time I was pushing, though, I didn’t care who was there and what they saw. After 18 hours in the hospital, so many strangers had already been in and out of my room and seen me in various states of indignity that having a family member or friend there wouldn’t have felt awkward at all.

The number of people who’ll be allowed in your delivery room and who those people are depends on your hospital’s policy and the details of your situation (you’ll get more leeway with a vaginal delivery than a C-section, for instance), and the choice is ultimately up to you, of course. I know couples who have invited family, friends, professional photographers and videographers, and even their own older children. Party in Room 9!

I just found out my hospital allows up to 4 visitors during uncomplicated vaginal births, and it’s been fun to think about who (if anyone) we might invite to join us this time.

Who will be in your delivery room?