Why I’m Glad I Kept My Son At Home During Preschool

boy playing at school

When the choice was made for me to be at home with the kids, I figured I’d be pulling out my old preschool books and create lesson plans for him as preparatory. Truth is I found so many other reasons why keeping him with me instead of enrolling him into preschool was a good idea. (Besides the financial reasoning)

Bonding with his sister. He merged into a studious 5 while she evolved into a precocious 2. When the time comes that he is in kindergarten, his time with his sister will decrease. In fact, I predict once he is in school full time that he will be asking for play-dates with his classmates more so than he does now with his old day care buddies. During the day, my kids spend moments playing games, dress-up and imagination roles. He is her best friend and vice versa because they are always together. Knowing fair well that this isn’t gonna last, I’m soaking in every minute that they choose to make it work. I get to enjoy days of him teaching her his lessons with as much enthusiasm as his mom, and her playing “mommy” to his blanket wrapped “baby”.

His learning is her learning. Everything (ok, almost) she has learned regarding her speech, her letter and word recognition, her sentence structure- at barely 2 years old- I attribute to him. After we go through about 20 minutes of numbers and math non-stop, he heads to his sister and gives her a run down of what he just learned. What she retains is incredible and I’m thinking I’ll be slipping in some more Spanish to his lessons to so how well she absorbs it. The possibilities are endless.

Trial and error. How he manages around his sister can only help him when he is around his new school peers. Is he bossy? A good listener? Developing skills to be a good friend to others is coming from what he is learning to do as a big brother. Being helpful can be taught but maintaining that skill without being told is above and beyond our expectation.

Role modeling. It starts with us. It ends with us. It’ll be seen by his teachers and peers. Of course, we want them to make good choices but realistically, we know it won’t always be that way. Time spent being kinder, nicer and polite will teach all of us to be better.

Time I can’t ever get back. It’s true. This is a selfish one. I’m at home so naturally, I want him at home. I hope down the road he’ll remember his mom was around before he went to school.

He is enrolled for September (insert tears here) so every moment is precious to me. I could continue homeschooling my boy but I’m choosing to give him the experience of public school since it is right across the street. We know down the road if we think keeping him at home and continuing his education there is best, we can make that choice. Nothing is set in stone. In the meantime, the pros of him at home with me are huge. For all of us.