Wipe Warmers: Love ’Em or Leave ’Em?

Baby Wipes

There’s nothing quite like babies to get people arguing over the “right” way to do everything, from how we put them to sleep to what we feed them to – yes – how we wipe their little tiny behinds.

Yep, one topic that always seems to get folks riled up is wipe warmers – the electric pods that heat a cold, damp baby wipe to a more pleasant temperature. Are they (a) the best things on the planet or (b) the dumbest things ever invented.

I’ve never used a wipe warmer (and probably never will) but that hasn’t stopped me from forming an opinion about them. Here’s the thing: I’m sure a nice warm wipe feels lovely on a newborn’s tushie (and probably the wiper’s bare hand as well), but I’ve also heard that the warmers dry out the wipes and, more importantly, train babies to be really unhappy when they need to get changed on the go, when there’s nary a warm wipe in sight.

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say wipe warmers are BAD, or that they’ll turn your kid into a spoiled brat. They just seem so…unnecessary. More crap to buy, more clutter to store, you know?

Okay, wait, I’ve thought of one reason I’d have a wipe warmer in my house: if I could keep it in the bathroom for myself, especially for after the baby’s born, when my post-birth “business end” will need some extra tender loving care.

This seems like a silly thing to have strong feelings about, and yet people do. So what side of the debate are you on? Will you buy or register for a wipe warmer? Am I a terrible parent because I say they’re a complete waste of money and space? Take the poll!