Woman Breaks Into Home, Breastfeeds Baby

Of all the crazy new reports I’ve read  lately, this one has really got me scratching my head.

Early Easter Sunday brought a surprise to one family. Nope, not the bunny with colored eggs. Instead, a female intruder broke into a home and tried to breastfeed the infant who lives there. Luckily, the infant’s mom was right sleeping in the same room and was able to get the baby away safely.

According to the Reuters article, the mom noticed that the 24-year-old woman intruder seemed intoxicated. In fact, after giving the baby back to the mom,  the woman lay down on the bed nearby and stayed horizontal until the police arrived.

Since there are no laws against unlawful breastfeeding, the woman was charged with unlawful occupancy.

Holy cow, is this not crazy??!! What would you do if you found this happening in your home?