Woman Caught With Newborn in Purse While Driving

a mom breastfeeding

Apparently, the stupid didn’t stop with the woman who texted and drove while holding her infant daughter. This time, it was a woman carrying her baby in her purse while driving, KTLA news reported. 

When this woman from ST. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands was pulled over, the officer heard an infant crying but couldn’t see one. After the woman opened her purse, it was revealed that her newborn daughter was lying inside.

The woman stated that she had just given birth to the baby the week prior and was heading to the doctor. She was released but she may face criminal charges of child endangerment.

Can someone get me this woman’s address so I can send her my old car seat?? I promise to check for recall first because something tells me she won’t.

Would you ever drive with your child without them being in restraint for ANY reason?