Woman Gives Birth in Car While Husband Videotapes (and Drives!)

Surprise! It’s an unassisted delivery!

Have you seen this week’s viral video of the woman who gives birth in a moving car while her husband tapes with one hand and drives with the other? Crazy stuff, that.

(I’m amazed at how calm they both are. And how nonchalantly she says, “I just had the baby in the car,” when she calls her mom on the phone thirty seconds later.)

My son was born after 26 hours of labor plus 45 minutes of pushing, so if I didn’t see videos like this, I’d hardly believe the delivery process could be so quick. (I also have a friend whose second child was born on her living room rug as she was walking to the car to go to the hospital and her husband was trying to find his glasses!)

If you’ve never seen an unassisted birth, YouTube can hook you right up. Here’s another quickie: a woman tapes her baby being born in the bathtub while her husband is downstairs letting the midwife in the front door.

Do you know anyone who’s delivered her own baby? Do you think you’d be as calm at these two were?