Woman Gives Birth in Front of Florida Hospital

It’s not my worst nightmare, but it is up there in the lower half of top 10 labor concerns—not making it to the hospital on time.

Last Thursday, a mom in Boca Raton, Florida faced just this as she approached the hospital with her husband, midwife, and a birth photographer. Interviewed on the Today show this morning, the mom, Amy Beth Cavaretta, said she realized they weren’t going to make it past the doors when she felt labor going very quickly and said, “Um, her head is out!”

Upon hearing this, her midwife recalls, “I instinctively put my hand out and said, ‘OK, we’re going to have it here.'”

Rather than panicking, Cavaretta, a photojournalist for the Florida Sun-Sentinel, says she was confident in her body’s ability to do this. “Women are born to have babies,” she told Today. “That’s why we have this anatomy. You just get out of your own head and get out of the way and your body’s going to do the work. That’s the bottom line. I’m a firm believer in natural childbirth, keep yourself healthy and active and you’re gonna be just fine. I wasn’t afraid, I just knew that it was urgent and we were going to do this now.”

Her husband, also a photojournalist for the Sun-Sentinal, who has been covering the Miami Heat basketball team, kept his cool too. He relaxed when he saw their caregiver approach—”the LeBron James of midwives.”

The whole family, including tiny Sienna Grace, are doing well, and this story, instead of being another terrifying, labor-gone-weird tale, is actually inspiring. I love how mama took everything in stride, trusting in her body and her helpers. As a mom-to-be who’s aiming for a medication-free birth, I’m finding a perfect and somewhat rare role model in the whole Cavaretta family.

Read the full story and watch the video here or below.

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