Words Never Before Uttered

Allow me to introduce you to a seemingly crazy kind of math:

Working out during pregnancy = The best thing ever!

Wait, don’t stop reading!

I know just reading those words might incite you to retreat to your couch and make the claim sitting there is the best kind of relaxation for your tired, aching pregnant body. 

You, my round friend, are wrong! What you need is a little strength training and my brand-new discovery, prenatal yoga. 

Oh prenatal yoga, where have you been for my first two trimesters?!

Yoga’s never been my thing: it isn’t cardio, and I’m a cardio girl. That is, when I’m not pregnant. Right now, on the cusp of the third trimester, the desire to haul myself out for a run, or even a brisk walk, has pretty much disappeared, especially since doing so results in pelvic agony. 

I honestly thought maybe I would just give up on exercising for the rest of the pregnancy; if I couldn’t/didn’t want to do cardio, I truly had little idea what else there was (of course I knew prenatal yoga existed, but since I don’t like regular yoga, I also wrote off doing it while pregnant). But in the last few weeks, I’ve been sampling prenatal strength training videos, and they are amazing! The workouts aren’t super aggressive, but they are effective; I can feel the burn as I tone my legs, glutes, obliques, and shoulders, and my body has that congrats-you-worked-it soreness after. 

And the best part is the warm-up and cool-down stretches. Since up until this point I haven’t had much back pain or other notable aches, stretching isn’t something I’ve been doing by myself. Wow, have I been missing out! It feels wonderful; you don’t even know how tight that preggo bod is until you do a few stretches. I never want to stop.

Enter the prenatal yoga video. If a few minutes of stretching at the beginning and end of a strength training DVD is pleasing, a 30-minute prenatal yoga workout is otherworldly. You might not realize it, my pregnant friend, but your lower back is sore. The muscles in your legs and sides are tight. And don’t even get me started on your hips…they’re a mess. You need prenatal yoga. You will feel so good.

You may even utter the words, “I love exercising while pregnant.” And you know what else? It makes collapsing on the couch that much more fantastic.