Would You Hire a Birth Photographer?

Birth Photography

After I wrote this post, I asked my husband how he felt about inviting a few select family members and/or friends into the delivery room this time. His response? “Um, no.” We had such a great experience for the birth of our first child—when it was just the two (and then three) of us (plus hospital staff)—that he doesn’t want to complicate things by adding a bunch of extra people to the mix.

I’m okay with that decision (we don’t have any local family anyway), but if I were in the mood to argue, I’d lobby, first and foremost, for an official photographer. The way I look at it, having a pro photographer in the room would be like having any other hired help there (like a doula) and therefore wouldn’t invite the kind of drama that might result from asking close family or friends to tag along for the ride. Plus: pretty pretty pictures of a process that is definitely “beautiful” but not always terribly photogenic.

Some people might think it’s a little weird/inappropriate/obsessive to hire a professional to document labor/delivery and then a baby’s first moments, but I figure if you’re going to have a camera in the room anyway (and I certainly will), you might as well put a truly talented person on the shutter. And if you’ve never seen truly gorgeous birth photography, you’re really missing out.

Here are some good ones on my “birth photography” Pinterest board.

If this sounds like the sort of thing you’re interested in, Google for birth photographers in your area and/or check out the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, whose website includes links to members as well as sample photos.

I’m curious how you feel about this sort of thing.